Aptis is an innovative English language test from the British Council. 

The test is designed to make a practical and accurate assessment of your level of English. It is suitable for individuals wishing to certify their level of English and for businesses and institutions who need to assess English language skills in the workplace. You will receive your report for collection at our recognised registration centres (link to the authorised registration centres) offices within five working days. 

In Albania, Aptis test is only administered by the British Council. 

Choose Aptis

Aptis is a unique modern and flexible English assessment system designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations and individuals around the world. Aptis has been developed by British Council experts in the field of linguistic evaluation and is informed by current research findings in applied linguistics.

Aptis is an English test for adults (16+) designed to assess ability in all four English skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing (combined with the grammar and vocabulary component) and results are received up to five working days.

What does it test?

Aptis allows you to evaluate all of the language skills. The test consists of a core component (grammar and vocabulary), which is combined with Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Grammar and Vocabulary 25 minutes
Speaking 12 minutes
Writing 50 minutes
Listening 50 minutes
Reading 30 minutes