If you are planning to take the Aptis and would like to know more about the test format, join our free webinar series. Our Aptis experts will be looking at each of the test sections in detail, explaining their format and sharing tips on how to prepare. 

During the webinar we will cover:

  • the Aptis test format for each of the skills
  • the types of tasks for each component with examples
  • what to expect for each skill and at different CEFR levels
  • advice and strategies on how to prepare and perform better.

The series covers different types of Aptis so please select the type you plan to take from the list below to see the available sessions and register.

Aptis General

Webinar topic Date Time
Aptis General: Reading and Writing 2 June 2020 17.00
3 June 2020 10.00
Aptis General: Speaking and Listening  9 June 2020 10.00
10 June 2020 17.00

Aptis Advanced

Webinar topic Date Time
Aptis Advanced: Reading and Writing 9 June 2020 17.00
15 June 2020 17.00
Aptis Advanced: Speaking and Listening  16 June 2020 17.00
18 June 2020 10.00

Special webinars

Webinar topic Date Time
Aiming for B2 in Aptis 17 June 2020 10.00
17 June 2020 17.00
Aiming for C1 in Aptis 23 June 2020 10.00
23 June 2020 17.00