Visual art exhibition
Visual art exhibition

We recently exhibited our collection of work by the British artist Henry Moore at the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana.  The exhibition comprised of 80 framed prints, which had been produced between 1949 and 1983. The prints were grouped into eight distinct categories, which included Moore’s most popular themes; Mother and Child and Reclining Figure, five maquettes and one working model. The exhibition included nine contextual photographs of sculptures at Perry Green (Moore’s home) as well as prints of the artist at work in his studio. Moore is one of the most famous British artists ever hosted by the gallery.

Mr. David Mitchinson, one of Henry Moore’s closest collaborators, visited Tirana and spoke with artists and art students. He shared his extraordinary experience of working with one of the most renowned British artists and spoke about Moore’s life. Watch the above video of David guiding you through the exhibition.

A number of workshops were also held to complement the exhibition:

  • A workshop dedicated to artworks by teenagers and children
  • Henry Moore – the printmaker workshop led by UK artist Sarah Gillett and designed for art students.

The British Council and Henry Moore

The British Council first began to purchase works by Moore for its permanent collection in the 1940s, and all works were acquired directly from the artist. We were fortunate to be able to acquire several rare, early carvings in addition to bronzes, drawings and graphics as they were purchased before Moore achieved international fame. The very first sculpture to enter the collection was Moore’s Girl with Clasped Hands, 1930, an alabaster carving purchased for £250. The British Council collection now includes carvings, bronzes (including the monumental Woman, 1957), bronze maquettes, drawings and graphics.

The British Council collection

The British Council collection, known as ‘Museum Without Walls’, is a unique assembly of over 8,500 artworks that demonstrate the very best in contemporary British practice in all media – from painting and sculpture to printmaking, photography, time-based installation and video work. 

The Collection includes iconic works by Paul Nash, Henry Moore, Richard Deacon, Damien Hirst, Barbara Hepworth who are now established and cherished figures. Selected works are continuously touring numerous galleries worldwide, either on loan or as part of exhibitions created by local and UK curators.

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