How does your mindset and surroundings influence Music and Sounds?

Eli Rainsberry is a composer, sound artist and audio designer, specialising in music and sounds for games, animated, interactive, and interdisciplinary works. Since 2016, Eli has created world-building soundtracks for games such as Bird Alone, Wilmot’s Warehouse and A Monster’s Expedition.

In this talk, they will explore how physical surroundings, atmosphere, personal mindsets and wellbeing can inspire and drive the creation of music and sounds – intentionally or not. Eli will look at work they created during the past few years, focusing specifically on projects released between 2019 to 20 and how their compositional approach was influenced by moving from London to the North of England. 

Join Eli as they unpick the creative challenges of composing music for games and playful experiences in different environments.


Eli Rainsberry, Composer and sound artist -