Each month, we will hear from teachers, lecturers and many others involved in vocational education in the Western Balkans, where we can learn more about challenges we face in the region.

We are living in a technological era in which everything is computerised. Therefore, my biggest challenge is to be given an opportunity to be part of a training in a company where I can gain practical knowledge and match that with the theoretical one, in order to be able to pass my knowledge on to my students. Also, communication and cooperation with the universities should be established so that we can share experience that will be of benefit to us all. And finally, specialists in the field should offer frequent training on the new technological processes for the VET teachers.

- Biljana Bajraktarova, Professor in the Chemical, technological and food industry department, VET school Dimitar Vlahov, Strumica, Macedonia

My biggest challenge are the classrooms and labs that have to be modernised, especially in the VET schools. In that way, teachers will be able to practically show students the equipment that is currently used, and students will get the opportunity to carry out the given tasks more successfully, thus, at the same time, acquire the material taught.

- Ljubica Spasova, Professor in the agricultural and veterinary department, VET school Dimitar Vlahov, Strumica, Macedonia

Over the coming months we hope to hear from more and more teachers around the Western Balkans, creating a better picture of the challenges faced in addressing youth unemployment, helping to nurture discussions around possible solutions in vocational education. Have your say too.