One way that learners can have their skills celebrated is by taking part in competitions. WorldSkills Competitions inspire apprentices and young people to be ambitious in their education and pursuit of expertise. We have compiled a collection of photographs from the 2016 World Skills UK national competitions, which took place as part of the Skills Show in Birmingham this month.  Dr Neil Bentley, CEO WorldSkills UK said that these young people: “will be rightly celebrated by their family, friends and colleagues but also by all of us – they are our future and role models to inspire the next generation of talent into fulfilling careers with skills at their heart.”  

Here are five photographs that celebrate the skills of students in subjects as diverse as stone masonry and beauty therapy. We hope you will agree: some very talented young people!  

If you have photos that you would like to share with our readers that celebrate the skills of your learners, please send them to (We will be in touch to agree consent before publishing any photos).