Whether your organisation needs to benchmark levels of English to assess employees for promotion, to evaluate progress in training programmes or to filter candidates in recruitment processes, Aptis can help.

Aptis helps your organisation to:

  • assess language skills during recruitment processes
  • evaluate and certify the English language level of your employees
  • monitor the success of language training programmes
  • assess your employees for promotion or posts abroad.

Aptis allows you to:

  • choose when and how to deliver the test
  • do the test online on a computer
  • evaluate one or more language skills at a time
  • deliver results certificates with the British Council brand, your organisation's brand or both.

Aptis adds value:

  • through collaboration with a reputable global institution in the field of English language testing, teaching and learning
  • by guaranteeing precision, quality and reliability
  • by offering a competitive price for your language testing needs
  • by reporting results aligned with the Common European Framework as well as a numerical score.

If you would like to have access to a full sample Aptis test, please contact us with your details (name and surname, company, number of employees, webpage and mobile phone number) and we will be happy to help.