British Council is expecting the service provider to perform the below tasks: 

 The employees’ number will be at an average of 50-70. Supplier will have to undertake to manage and to declare regularly and legally work relations for the people employed by the Service Provider but their work will be served at the British Council Albania office and on behalf of his business.


tax accounting services:

  • recruiting and contracting employees following British Council specifications.
  • including but not limited to any relevant bookkeeping related services, preparation, completion of payrolls, employee’s declarations, financial statements, balance sheet, etc., as applicable

tax filing services: 

Calculation of relevant tax liabilities (monthly, annual, etc., as applicable), and the preparation, completion, declaration/payment of all necessary tax liabilities (PIT, municipality taxes, social security & health insurance contributions, etc.) as applicable; , including but not limited to the declaration of book of purchases/sales, etc.    


It is expected that the above, to the extent applicable, are performed by the service provider every month during the entire fiscal year. Therefore, British Council would expect the quotation to be provided as a monthly fee and expressed in ALL and EUR.     


 British Council is expecting that any risk/liability arisen for British Council due to the failure of the service provider to make British Council compliant with the applicable provisions of the Albanian legislation is shifted to the service provider through the relevant contract to be entered into between British Council and the service provider.  


By submitting a tender response in connection with this Procurement Process, potential suppliers confirm that they will, and that they shall ensure that any consortium members and/or subcontractors will, comply with all applicable laws, codes of practice, statutory guidance and applicable British Council policies relevant to the goods and/or services being supplied. All relevant British Council policies that suppliers are expected to comply with can be found on the British Council website. The list of relevant policies includes (but it is not limited to): Anti-Fraud and Corruption, Child Protection Policy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Fair Trading, Health and Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Records Management, and Privacy.

Tender documentations can be requested by contacting us

Deadline for receiving offers- 11 May 2016.