21st Century Schools is an ambitious 10 million pounds three-year education programme, designed and implemented by the British Council and funded by the UK Government. 

Run in partnership with relevant educational institutions in each country, the programme aims to equip one million students aged 10-15 years across the Western Balkans with the critical thinking and problem solving skills.  As well as learning critical thinking and problem solving skills, children will learn practical programming skills and have the opportunity to practice their skills through physical computing.

As part of the programme each school in Western Balkans is going to be provided with a number of micro:bit devices -  pocket sized computers which children can programme onto and use across subjects to solve every day problems. It allows students to learn in a fun, interactive and innovative way.

To compete in the global job market, skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, digital literacy and creativity are key to success. 

21st Century Schools supports young people in Western Balkans with development in these areas so they can build a better future.