Skills for professional development
Skills for professional development

Within our higher education agenda, we work closely with government policy-makers, national agencies, universities, colleges, academics and researchers in the UK and Albania. Together with the Ministry of Education, we are promoting the use of English Language amongst students in high schools in the areas of ICT and languages. Our shared goal is to improve and modernize Albania’s vocational education system, so that it is compatible with European standards.

English language curriculum initiatives

We have provided free online resources and also worked on providing teaching products for teachers of linguistics in the field of ICT. 

We are strengthening vocational training by restructuring it according to the requirements of the domestic labour market. We are also bringing it into line with EU standards and developments as well as increasing the number of students.

The English Language is a vital part of our work; we promote it through different initiatives and collaborations with both local and international partners.

We have introduced a new English curriculum for the teaching of ICT within the vocational system in Albania. We hope to do the same for other vocational subjects, in line with government priorities.

English for skills

Our most recent programme for ICT in language learning, ‘English for Skills’ focused on preparing and matching the English language curriculum of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) schools with the requirements of the market economy. The project supported English language teaching in vocational high schools, with a curricular toolkit for English language teachers in vocational schools.

Students, teachers and schools confirmed that English for Skills brought about positive changes in everyday teaching and learning processes. We therefore decided to launch a second phase of ‘English for Skills’ to build on the success of the first phase of the project.

You can view and download full reports of the English for Skills projects below.