The Best Practices Guide was developed as part of the 21st Century Schools programme funded by the UK Government and implemented by British Council. It consists of the best examples of teaching, prepared by teachers trained by the '21st Century Schools' programme.

The guide will provide ongoing support and increase teachers' capacity to develop classroom teaching by incorporating elements of critical thinking, problem solving and coding skills into practice. The 21st Century Schools Programme in the Western Balkans is a three-year programme that supports up to 1 million children aged 10-15 in approximately 4000 primary schools in the Western Balkans to build their capacity for coding, critical thinking and problem solving.

This guide was made as a request of teachers who have already attended the training and confirmed that they need developed approaches, activities and examples of subjects they teach. The book contains examples for the implementation of the curriculum from sixth to ninth grade for the following subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history, geography, information and communication technology, Albanian and English Language.

We hope that this guide will be useful and applicable to teachers and enable them to develop new ideas in preparing their lessons.

Download the material below!