Society has moved from the industrial age to the information age. Workplace dynamics are changing at an ever-faster pace than ever before since the 4th Industrial Revolution. All this as a result of the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the inclusion of technology in every work process. Many skills that only a decade ago would have been considered extraordinary, are now well-established, for example computer use, until a few years ago knowing how to work on a computer was an added value, today it is a norm. Equally after a decade, skills that are now considered extraordinary will be considered normal.

This will put us in front of the great challenge, to prepare for professions that do not exist today. I am Adela Kallanxhi, entrepreneur and professional in Digital Marketing. When I was in school, the work I do today did not exist then, who would have thought that it would be a profession to manage social networks, when then social networks did not exist.

Adela Kallanxhi

The Internet, the advancement of technology and science, will make many professions that are coveted today, in the future will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robotics, so we must prepare the new generation and children with skills that cannot be replaced by intelligent devices. You learn to think critically, you learn to express yourself, you value art, science, philosophy, psychology, and everything else that does not make you part of a process, or success does not come simply by following some standard and basic rules.

All those professions that are based on a process or some rules, are the ones that will be replaced first by robots. And so, no one would want their child to be 40 years old and be found unemployed in a world where his skills are no longer valuable?!

So, in order to shine in the future, we will have to prepare the new generation with all the skills that will be needed in the 21st century, but what are these?

So far, we have evaluated analytical skills over qualitative ones, intelligence over emotional intelligence, excellence in mathematics over being a problem-oriented person.

In the 21st century we need to teach children to use creativity to solve a problem, imagination, collaboration, communication, information analysis, technology evaluation to see the latter as a tool they can use and not be used by it, not to impose solutions on them and to assess their ability to go out of power. 

Today being Youtuber is a profession, being a gamer is a profession, being an influencer as well, maybe just as well paid, in some cases even more than traditional work.

The 21st century superhero is without mantle, without superpower, but with creativity, integrity, altruism and empathy.

Adela Kallanxhiu

One of the few women entrepreneurs in the field of ICT, Co-founder of Big Media Expert, the Digital Transformation Agency that even today accompanies the most consolidated Albanian businesses and not only on their way to digitalization. Adela, together with her brother is the co-founder also of, and Altropost.