HMA visits elementary school Hillary Clinton

HMA Duncan Norman visited “Hillary Clinton” school in Kamza today, together with Albanian Minister of Education, Sport and Youth, Besa Shahini, and British Council Director, Angus Bjarnason. They met with teachers and students to discuss the 21st Century Schools programme, which has provided training for 10 teachers in this elementary school alone, and providing 60 micro:bits. Micro:bit pocket-sized codable computers are important part of the programme, and were created in the UK in order to help elementary school children to learn coding, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  

Ambassador Norman stressed the importance of the programme in better equipping young people with coding skills and critical thinking, which will help create more opportunities for the young generation in the future. 

HMA visits elementary school Hillary Clinton 2

Albanian Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Besa Shahini, said: “Education today has become very ambitious and with the digital skills of the 21st Century School Programme, teachers can implement the key cross-curricula subjects and interact with students more easily and efficiently”.

The British Council Director, Angus Bjarnason, stressed, “The visit was an opportunity to show how the UK through the British Council is working with the Albanian Ministry of Education Sport and Youth to enhance the learning of core skills in every primary school in the country.”

Hillary Clinton Primary School took part in the first training cycle of the programme. Training are aimed at developing teachers to improve student self-directed thinking and learning and him the students produce new and innovative ideas. 

During this visit students from Hilary Clinton Primary School presented two projects to distinguished visitors. 

One teacher stressed: “The project is so relevant for our day to day work, as it enables students to be more independent and the teacher to be the facilitators in the class, while giving the focus to the students and not to the teacher”.