Webinar 3

As part of our 21st Century School Programe with the British Council programme, we are organising a series of Education dialogues, which will help you connect with colleagues from Albania and Kosovo and share your experience. 

On June 30, 2020 we organized a live session on the topic: "Using high level questions (for deep thinking) in classroom".

Using questions is the best tool to foster thinking in the classroom. Using high level questions enables students to think deeply, fosters imagination and creativity. The classroom where these questions are being used is characterised by fruitful discussion and brings creative ideas. This is why it is highly important for the teachers to demonstrate skills to use such questions. Moreover, they should create the appropriate environment in their clasrroms, so students may practice high level questions by themselves. This is how they learn to come out with creative solutions in different life situations. 

In the first part of the session there was a conceptual presentation of the different level questions, related to the levels of thinking. After that, a model of using the high level question in a specific topic was be provided to participants. They had the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences on different level questions. In addition they had the opportunity to make questions about the topic, namely using of high level questions in classroom.     


Moderator Majlinda Mazelliu

Moderator Majlinda Mazelliu - National Project Coordinator, 21st Century Schools Project, British Council Kosovo. Majlinda is responsible for managing all implementation steps of the '21st Century Schools' Project in Kosovo.

Veton Sylhasi

Veton Sylhasi has been involved in education projects for many years. He holds a Master's degree in Education Management. For a long time he has worked with the Kosovo Education Center (KEC). He currently works with the IPE Center of the University of Zurich for Teachers Education, and manages a project in the field of democratic school development. He is engaged as a coach in various professional development programs for teachers and school principals.

Alida Thaçi


Alida Thaçi has been engaged in various projects in the field of education for many years. She has worked at the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) for several years. She currently works as a teacher at the 'Third Millennium' school in Prishtina. She is engaged as a trainer in various professional development programs for teachers, as well as in the design of various training modules.


Here and here you can find the presentation from Veton Sylhasi and Alida Thaçi.