This project is called “Grandma’s medicines” and was placed second in the Fourth Coding Challenge. It was created by Armisa Prebibaj and Ergi Çarçani from "Met Hasa" school under the mentorship of teacher Brunilda Çelbeqiri. The goal of the project is helping the elders to take their medications at the right time. The children noticed that their grandparents often forget to take their medication on time which led to health problems. This is where their idea came from so they decided to use micro:bit and programme a reminder beeping at required time, and reminding their grandparents to take their medicines.

The project itself is very simple, it contains equipment that we already own at our homes such as a battery, a watch, a speaker, cables etc, thus this model is available for everybody, not neccessarly spending a lot of money. To make the project more interesting students thought to build it in the shape of a robot so their grandparents could consider it as a friend or companion helping them taking their pills.

Both team members are thinking to improve the prototype by adding some Bluetooth boxes, placing them in each room or outdoor area so the alarm can be heard in other parts of the house as well.