Supporting your local community can bring many benefits to you and the people around youWhether it’s a problem of deforestation, flooding, ecosystem loss, climate change and so on, community projects are always an excellent way to bring a small change in the local area, especially when these ideas come from school children. These kids were not only able to identify such problems but also to solve them with the help of pocket-sized devices called micro:bits.

At first, the micro:bits were presented to ‘Ded Gjo Luli' school in Hot i Ri, Shkodër during the learning process but students began to show a huge interest in these devices thinking of endless ways where and how to use them. With the help of their teacher Jasmina Bajraktari, both students Marin Dedvukaj and Antonio Malshyti began to think of everyday local issues, and they came up with this great idea to include all the problems in their project called ‘My Community’ (“Komuniteti im”).

Marin and Marije, another team member competed in the 3rd Coding Challenge on 24 March 2021 and placed first among nine other schools that participated in the event. In the video, you will hear more about their experience which led to a successful story.