Story 1

Despite the lack of internet, functional computers and technology infrastructure, this school has successfully established the Coding Club and implemented CTPS in their classroom activities. Thus, increasing teacher-student cooperation and achieving a better understanding of the subjects. 

This club has produced various successful and innovative projects. One particular project worth mentioning focuses on ‘Environmental Pollution’ and has influenced students to further develop their CTPS skills through connecting the project to real life problems within their community. The main achievements of this project involve increasing student and community awareness to maintain a clean environment and keep their surrounding areas unpolluted. 

This project had a significant positive impact within the city as it made people more self-conscious and encouraged the municipality to become actively involved in their initiative by placing more bins and providing appropriate waste disposal methods.  Furthermore, the use of micro:bits in the project to code activities and create awareness-raising messages increased the impact of the project and influenced the community in a deeper level.