21st Century Schools programme has resulted a very successful project in cooperation with the elementary school 'Qamil Guranjaku'

Students have learned the coding skills in various subjects such as biology, physical education, music, chemistry, etc., which has greatly facilitated the teaching process for the teachers and also the students claim to find them to be more attractive when they use micro:bits while learning.

Some of the prominent projects of this school are various from using the micro:bit to measure the heartbeats, saving electricity during daylight to the project related to the current pandemic situation, the purpose of which is to encourage the social distancing. All students who participated in this project showed special interest in using coding and problem solving skills and a spirit of cooperation and creativity.

We are proud of what our project sparked to the teachers and students of Qamil Guranjaku school and we hope that this example will be followed by other schools participating in our 21st Century Schools programme.