This is the winning project in the Fourth Coding Challenge called "Smart city" which was created by ''Marie Kaçulini'' school pupils under the mentorship of teacher Etleva Çelmeta in Durrës. In this project there were involved 14 teachers and 38 students, 18 girls and 20 boys. The goal of the project is to create a stimulating environment for all citizens and other visitors, to improve, facilitate and develop the city of Durrës in the future. This process is to be achieved through creative, awareness-raising and collaborative activities between the students by sharing their ideas and working in groups.

The winning team Amelia Lloshi and Roan Garipi said that they were extremely happy for the victory. They hope that their project will help the city of Durrës to be more attractive and offer better orientation for tourists by using micro:bit as a compass, and to make it more entertaining for the kids by creating some piano stairs that make sounds when stepped on. An innovation to this project is the traffic light with sound, which will help visually impaired people to cross the road by hearing the warning sounds of the traffic light.

The success of this project was undoubtedly the team work done by both pupils from the elementary and middle school, among them there was also a child with special needs.