The School “3 Dhjetori” is a special school in Shkodër, Albania. Shkodra is known as one of important cities in Albania, both with its history and cultural heritage. The special school provides educational and development services for children with special needs. It was established around 38 years ago (since 1983), having a considerable experience in special education in the region. At present, the school provides education to children with severe disorders of various forms, from 1st grade to 9th. The school in addition runs all the day and also provides for children food and transportation to the children that attend it.

The teachers who were trained started to implement the new techniques, particularly using Micro:bit for coding. Interviewed teachers reported that children were enthusiastic in the coding exercises with Micro:bit. Since they could not focus longer time and because of the severity of their disorder, they were only involved in simple coding exercises, such as writing their names, and creating figures using led icons, and so on.

According to school director, the activities of the program that were implemented, stimulated more socialization form of learning and more group work interaction. Particularly, by using the Micro:bit devices, children could learn from each other, by observing other’s work as well as demonstrating their own work to others. Children liked a lot when they managed to write their names digitally, and that they could put their names in motion in the Micro:bit screens. That was confirmed also by the school psychologist, who was observing some of activities held. The Micro:bit was something new for teachers as well as for students, while other CTPS techniques were more familiar to teachers. According to the school director, other teachers could also benefit from the program, by participating in joint activities with the trained teachers.

The enthusiasm and motivation of the children with special needs in using coding exercises with Micro:bit was also confirmed by a couple of parents that were interviewed, and that had their children attending the school.

“My son liked very much the activity. He was very motivated and he made efforts to work also at home”. 

- a parent

It was noticed that parents were more happy for new activities that their children participated, and their children’s occupation with them also at home.